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A New Association

 In Scotland for many years there were two associations of (car) motor sport clubs, the East of Scotland Association of Car Clubs (ESACC) and the Association of West Scotland Motor Sport Clubs (AWSMSC). It was thought useful to bring these together.

 It was decided that the best way to do this was to create a new Association. After a gestation period when a new set of rules was written the “Scottish Association of Car Clubs” (SACC) was created at a meeting on 30th June 2009. The new rules were agreed by those present having been circulated for consultation during the previous three months.

It was also agreed that the most convenient method of introduction of the new body would be to have a changeover at the year end. The existing Associations (Association of West of Scotland Motor Sport Clubs and East of Scotland Association of Car Clubs) would continue to function for the rest of 2009 including the conclusion of their championships. The new Association would then start to function from 01/01/2010.

As well as a new set of rules being adopted various people were elected to posts within the new organisation. As of 1/1/2010, these were as follows:

  • Chairman – Roger Reed,
  • Vice Chairman – Stan Quirk,
  • Secretary – Douglas Smith,
  • Treasurer – Gerry Potter.
  • Calendar Manager – Raymond Mann.

Also elected were the following to look after specific disciplines within motor sport.

  • Autocross – Raymond Mann
  • Autotest – Graham Murray
  • Cross Country – Graeme Barrie
  • Navigational Rallying – Steve Turnbull
  • Racing – Mike How
  • Sprint & Hillclimb – David Baker
  • Stage Rallying – Angie Luke
  • Training – Dave MacIntosh
  • Website – Lock Horsburgh

It was agreed that there would be a Navigational Rally Championship, Cross Country Championship and an Autotest Championship in 2010. Other areas will be considered in the future but as the Scottish Sprint and HillClimb Championship and the Scottish Rally Championship were founder members of the new Association there was no need for the Association to duplicate these championships.

As a result of meeting on 1st September 2009 the delegates to Regional Committee in 2010 will be Roger Reed and Lesley Sheridan.

I would like to thank Stan Quirk, Gordon McIntyre, Raymond Mann and Gordon Hastie for their efforts during the compilation of the rules of SACC.

Roger Reed, Chairman.