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Navigational Rallying

Navigation rallies take place on public roads in more or less standard cars, usually in the hours of darkness. Navigational rallies are often referred to as "road rallies", but strictly speaking there are some differences in the rules, and true road rallies are extinct in Scotland, though still flourishing in Wales. 

Navigation rallies are legally restricted to an average speed of 30 mph. The object is to follow the correct route while maintaining this average speed, no faster, no slower. The "30 average" may not sound very fast, but that includes the time spent stationary working out the route on the map; maintaining the required average speed in practice requires some enthusiastic driving.

Being the fastest on the road is not the way to win a road rally. The score is kept in terms of penalty points; you get a small penalty for being late at a time control (checkpoint), and larger penalties for being early, for missing out part of the route, for arriving at a checkpoint in the wrong direction, or for missing a checkpoint entirely.
The winners are the crew who follow the correct route, and arrive at each control on time; the navigation is at least as important as the driving.

Scottish Navigational Rally Championship 2018

Championship Regulations and Event Regulations and latest Positions are available in the Downloads section at the foot of this page.

The Scottish Association's road events coordinator is 

David MacKintosh

Phone - 01224 784780

Mobile - 07715 177296

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The Championship Rallies

Aquarius Rally

Glenrothes Motor Sport Club

27-28 January 

Perth & Kinross and Fife

Richard Crozier

07942 359208

Gropers Rally

Stonehaven & District Motor Club

17 March

South Aberdeenshire

Dave MacKintosh

01224 784780

Nuit Blanche

Edinburgh University Motor Sport Club



Autumn Rally

Highland Car Club

25 August


Fiona Munro

07771 610600

Seafield Rally 


15 September


David Law

01466 780547

Oktoberfest Rally

Saltire Rally Club

29 September


Graham Couser

0131 556 3960

Hairst Rally

Stonehaven & District Motor Club

27 October

West Aberdeenshire

Gerry Potter

01651 806862

Boontree Birl Rally

750 Motor Club Scotland

1 December


Charlie Brown



Navigational Rally Downloads